" ... Let’s say that it is delightfully unclassifiable. Delight, delights, because her music and words, her voice, her double bass, speak to us about pleasures, games, laughter and love of course, but also violence and myths, mystery and death [...]
[...] first a torrent of cries and sounds, then an immense river of simple words rolling fantastic images towards the ocean of a rare poetry, incantatory, surrealist, expressionist , symbolist ... Fuensantist!"

Serge Mariani - Art District Radio
"The influence of originally folk or, even better, vernacular in her music does not take over the flavors she is creating. Like a good cook, she establishes hierarchies in the sound levels, so that the listener can enjoy slightly and without worrying about having a trained ear for these sounds, almost like a tasting menu in a market square."

José Gallardo - Poderes Inútiles
"As no other, she knows how to integrate her voice into the sound of the band. She has an exemplary technique, sings her own songs and texts perfectly and knows how to tackle the leftmost intervals. [..] Her music can be called stubborn. And anyone who knows how to sing 'his skin is a marble night sky' has something to say."  

Eddy Determeyer - Jazzism Magazine
"... a multi-talent that brings fragile music and forms a fantastic match with the adventurous [Jeroen] Van Vliet. Two musicians who feel and strengthen each other ... meet in a fascinating set"

Cyriel Pluimakers - Jazzenzo
“The beautiful Mendéz is small in stature, and young, but her talent is obvious. [...] Her musical passion is reinforced by her extraordinary expressiveness, also in her facial expressions. I feel her torture and passion; authentic. "

Nausikaä de Blaauw - Written in music
“Atmospheric and poetic compositions. In an ode to a deceased friend, she showed how beautiful her crystal-clear voice combined with her playing on the double bass. In other pieces it became clear how much this talented composer is influenced by Latin rhythms.”

Sophie Conin - JazzNu