"A rare musician because, above all, a spirit steeped in poetry. The images arising from the words that weave the lyrics of her songs compose rich paintings, with poetic realism similar to that of the frescoes [...] which illustrate the aesthetics of her native country: Mexico. There is a mysterious telluric force in the poetry, music and singing of Fuensanta"

Serge Mariani - Art District Radio

The singer, bassist and composer Fuensanta Méndez was born and raised in the water forest of Veracruz (Mexico) to an artistic family. She grew up surrounded by traditional Latin-American and contemporary European music, dance, theater and books. At thirteen she decided to be a singer and began studying and performing jazz, at fifteen she started writing poetry.

Méndez moved to the Netherlands to study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, from which she graduated summa cum laude in 2019. She debuted her compositions during the Princess Christina Jazz Concours in 2016, achieving 1st place, the press prize and an invitation to perform with her quintet in North Sea Jazz 2017. Since then she has performed around Europe and Mexico as a solo artist, bandleader, and sidewoman in various situations related to improvised music. She was grantee of Jóvenes Creadores 2019 from FONCA, a national award for young composers in Mexico.

Her first release, the live album "Ensamble Grande" is out from May 1st 2020.